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Success Stories


When my husband and I were contemplating transitioning Brian from the Rosewood Center in Baltimore about 18 years ago, we didn't really know much about the options that were avaialble to us.

For many parents, the decision to move their adullt child with a developmental disability from their home to the care of another is a difficult one. For some who made such decisions long ago, it is.........

Before taking up residence with Center for Social Change nearly 18 years ago, Edwin B. had lived both of his sisters. But, Edwin's behaviors, which led to frequent hospitalizations, had made this......

Janet N’s mother remembers the changes that took place in their lives after Janet became sick.  When it was clear to her mom that she wouldn't be able to ...............

Rick Z. came to Center for Social Change nearly twelve years ago in a way that is not so typical. Rick had been receiving supports for another provider agency in Carroll County.........

Janine R’s parents knew they needed help by the time they first met with Center for Social Change. They had already arranged privately for someone to care for Janine but.............


Residential Program for Adults


Not long ago, critics accepted the fact that individuals with disabilities could live in the community as against once strongly held belief that people with disabilities could only live in instittutions. When Rosewood Center, the acclaimed State instittution that warehoused thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities in Maryland was finally closed for good, thanks to many advocates for the people with disabilities and by the bold executive order of Governor Martin O'Malley, many pessimists changed their views forever. CSC was a partner to the deinstitutionalization process since it began business in 1993. Visitors to these pages are encouraged to read success stories of our individuals that we support, especially that of Brian, the first individual of CSC, who once lived in Rosewood and began living with CSC since 1993.

Brian brought new life to the residential program of CSC. Brian's parents brought new perspectives from their painful experience of a child in institution for many years to freedom for their child. 18 years after Brian has lived in the community with CSC, his parents did not waiver, but simply strengthened their faith and perspective of positive life, independence, choice, rights and worth for their son.

Read about the residential program of CSC in the few pages that follow this overview page. Pick up the phone and call Brian's parents; One needs to be confident of a crucial decision one makes of a dear one's life in the community, if that is what anyone is looking for while going through these pages...