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When my husband and I were contemplating transitioning Brian from the Rosewood Center in Baltimore about 18 years ago, we didn't really know much about the options that were avaialble to us.

For many parents, the decision to move their adullt child with a developmental disability from their home to the care of another is a difficult one. For some who made such decisions long ago, it is.........

Before taking up residence with Center for Social Change nearly 18 years ago, Edwin B. had lived both of his sisters. But, Edwin's behaviors, which led to frequent hospitalizations, had made this......

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Rick Z. came to Center for Social Change nearly twelve years ago in a way that is not so typical. Rick had been receiving supports for another provider agency in Carroll County.........

Janine R’s parents knew they needed help by the time they first met with Center for Social Change. They had already arranged privately for someone to care for Janine but.............


Janine R


Janine R’s parents knew they needed help by the time they first met with Center for Social Change.  They had already arranged privately for someone to care for Janine but, especially in light of some health issues they were experiencing, they were relieved when State funding finally became available to help support Janine.  They recall that the administrator they met at Center for Social Change took the time to answer their questions, showed them around the homes that Janine might be able to move into, and allowed them to meet the direct support staff and individuals in those homes.  When they saw how well the staff cared for the individuals in the homes, they were confident that Janine would be well supported at CSC.

Over the years, her parents report, Janine has achieved significant successes.  They derive great satisfaction in their observations that Janine no longer expresses a need to run away as she had in the past, or threatens to hurt herself or others.  They see their daughter as having developed some order in her life with the help of the staff at CSC, something that gives them deep feelings of relief.  They note with satisfaction that Janine likes almost everyone at CSC- the staff that support her, the individuals, and the drivers who transport her.  And they easily notice that Janine is much less likely to argue about things as she had in the past.

They are also pleased that skills that Janine had once had, but that she had apparently lost, have been re-gained during the time she has been at CSC.  They note that she is knitting again, and working with her hands in ways that she had when she was younger, but had stopped.  And, they report being particularly pleased by Janine’s once again demonstrating the good manners that they had instilled her, but which she had, for some long period of time, seemed to have abandoned.

What makes them most proud, however, is that during their typically once a month visits, Janine is seldom not happy. 

When Janine was younger, her parents were not certain about the level of independence she would achieve.  However, they are greatly comforted by the degree of independence that their daughter is able to demonstrate.  There was a time in the past that she really could not function independently, but Janine has made great strides since those days.

Her parents believe that, if asked, Janine would say that what gives her the most satisfaction is her enjoyment in being with others, of developing social relations with those around her, and of being a help-mate to those who need help.  Janine’s parents are very proud of how Janine often becomes a “second pair of hands” in assistance to staff in her home.  In short, Janine’s future continues to look bright.