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On September 18, 2008, Center for Social Change hosted its first annual Sports Day at Centennial Park in Ellicott City. CSC Individuals participated in many sports-oriented activities, such as a basketball shoot-off, a sack race, volleyball, and much more. Individuals competed for one honor– the Sportsperson of the Year Award.

After deliberation, finalists were selected based on their sportsmanship and competitiveness on Sports Day.. Melanie Harries was nominated for her outstanding participation in the Sack Race.

Robert Parker dominated the Bingo table, and Marquette Moses and Joel Jones were stars on the basketball court.  However, one finalist came out on top to receive the Sportsperson of the Year Award 2008– Charlie Hoffman.

Charlie was all smiles on Sports Day, standing up out of his wheelchair to shoot basketballs, and bobbing his head to the beat of the music. His joy spread to all, and he was awarded for his spirit with a big trophy at the Open House, presented by Ravens Cheerleaders and CSC Veteran, Michael Taylor, who now lives an independent life in the community.

Mrs. World pageant in Russia this year, participated in a Fashion Show by CSC individuals, escorting them down the runway and leading them in the grand finale. She volunteered to participate in the Magic Show, and danced on stage with the Oriole Bird, and the Ravens Cheerleaders.


Mrs. Ivory Coast, Brigitte Kobenan, celebrated CSC’s 15th Anniversary by joining us at our Open House. Brigitte has become a friend to CSC, leading individuals in a parade of athletes at our first annual Sports Day 2008, and then interacting with individuals in many ways throughout the Open House. Brigitte, who was awarded the title of Mrs. Congeniality World 2008 at the

Brigitte’s son is autistic, and her platform in her pageantry is to educate the world on autism. She strongly supports CSC’s vision of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and its expansion plans in Africa.




Dan Keplinger, an award-winning artist  and film producer with Cerebral Palsy, joined CSC in celebrating our 15th anniversary. Dan is a role model to all, living a remarkably full and meaningful life, expressing himself through his artwork and film. The documentary of his life, “King Gimp,” won an Academy Award, and his artwork is a testament to the obstacles he has overcome.  It was an honor to share our special day with Dan.  To learn more about Dan, Please visit his website at

To overcome physical barriers brought on by his Cerebral Palsy, Dan paints using a paintbrush attached to his head.




“King Gimp” Parties with CSC


A Beauty Queen Joins the Fun

Brigitte Kobenan dances with the Oriole Bird.

“The day touched our individuals’ self-esteem, commitment, drive, and personal development”-Dr. Joseph Mathew, CEO

Congratulations to Charlie and to all of our Finalists!

Charlie pictured with Mrs. Ivory Coast (left) and Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader (above).


Melanie  Harries             

Robert Parker

Marquette Moses        

Joel Jones

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