CSC Asia


Independence means different things to different people.  It might mean participating in household activities such as cooking meals, doing common chores, or dressing for the day.  It might also mean learning how to navigate public transportation systems independently when appropriate.

At CSC, we advocate for the independence of those we support. We foster independent living through enhanced community integration, as well as job development, training, and ongoing supports at the workplace.

CSC first served individuals from Maryland’s state institutions, and after close to 40 years

of institutionalized life, their move towards independence presented challenges. Today, however, with assistance as needed, individuals live in settings where they can develop the independence that they seek in their relationships, work, leisure time and more.

The individuals we support are assisted in exercising their independence in many ways. Whether they travel to the ball-park to watch the Orioles play, participate in their neighborhood-wide yard sale, or spend a vacation at the beach, each is developing the skills that lead to maximum independence for them.