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CSC Asia

Holiday Party 2012

In celebration of a year filled with achievements, more than 400 invited guests recently gathered at Martin’s West for CSC’s “This Season of Holidays” dinner reception. Eager to arrive, early guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and “champagne” cocktails as the evening got underway.

After greetings from CSC’S new CEO, COO, and Board President, an Executive Proclamation establishing “Center for Social Change Day” in Howard County was presented on behalf of the County Executive. This was followed by special greetings from Frank Kirkland, the Director of the Developmental Disabilities Administration, in recognition of the important role played by CSC in supporting the needs of so many in Maryland.

The festivities provided the perfect backdrop for honoring the achievements of so many in the CSC family.  Staff with longer than five years of service to CSC were recognized, with special awards being presented to John Poulose and Joe Swift, whose tenure with CSC is more than fifteen years each.  Awards were also presented to staff members Remi Onawumi, Olukemi Okunseinde, Tellatha Lee, and Christine Njotsa in recognition of their exceptional dedication to those they support.  The unique achievements of Darnell Buckner, James Gibson, Thelma Guadagna, Nathan Stokes, Brian Smith, and Byron Wainwright as they strive towards building more and more independent lives also proved deserving of award and recognition.  Finally, a special award was presented to Dr. Ibrahim Turek in recognition of his many years of service on CSC’s Board of Directors, and his generous support of CSC throughout the years.

But, perhaps the highlight of the evening was the energetic, truly unique, and almost magical music and dance provided by King Baba James.  Whether one chose to observe from one’s seat, or to participate from the dance floor, the entertainment was riveting, and this special evening is still being talked about by those who attended.

Howard County, Maryland Executive Proclamation 2012