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CSC Asia

Wedding Plans!

According to Lance, from the time that he first met Tomisha, he “knew that she was girl for him”.  Lance and Tomisha (both of whom receive supports in CSC’s Residential and Supported Employment programs) began to spend time together, enjoying dates at the mall, or just sitting and watching favorite television programs together.  When Lance first started considering the idea of asking Tomisha to marry him, he was pleased that staff in his home encouraged him to go for his dreams.  From that time on, Lance began thinking about the right time to ask Tomisha, and how he would do so.
The perfect opportunity presented itself at Center for Social Change’s Holiday Celebration at Martin’s West.  If he was going to ask Tomisha to marry him, this would the time and place.  When the big moment arrived, Lance proceeded to the front of the banquet hall, asked that Tomisha join him, and, in front of more than 400 guests, took the mic and popped the question.  He fully expected Tomisha to accept, and she readily did. With flashbulbs popping, the ring was placed on Tomisha’s finger, and the engagement became official.
Lance notes that Tomisha plans to wear a pink dress, while he plans to wear a white tuxedo sporting a pink handkerchief.  They plan to honeymoon in Hawaii and, upon their return, to hire staff to assist them as they move to an apartment of their own.  When asked where they hoped to live, Lance reports that while they don’t yet know the location, it would need to be close enough to a bus route so that Tomisha could continue to travel independently to her classes at Baltimore Community College.
Looking forward to the excitement and challenges ahead, Lance and Tomisha are eager to experience all that married life has to offer.