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CSC Asia

Sports Day 2013

This year’s Center For Social Change Sports Day was held on September 26, 2013 at Centennial Park in Columbia. The weather was perfect as nearly 100 individuals from CSC’s Residential and Day Programs, and as many staff, participated in a host of outdoor activities. The day began with the participants rotating through activities such as the basketball and football throws, hoola hoop toss, soccer ball kick, sack and spoon races, and jump roping. Spirits were high as each achieved as they were able. The festive mood was reflected in the musical choices of DJ Nathan Stokes who, once again, provided a background of energetic rhythms throughout the day.

Lunch was prepared by CSC staff, who grilled more than 300 hamburgers and hotdogs, and served pounds of potato salad, chips, and cole slaw. The pavilion at the park was perfectly suited to the large group, with more than enough picnic tables and space for all. A dessert of Sports Day-themed sheet cakes rounded off the meal.

Dancing and celebration are a part of all CSC events, and today was no exception. Individuals and staff alike established a dance floor on the perimeter of the pavilion, dancing off the calories from lunch.

Wrapping up the day was the awards ceremony. All participants received an individualized certificate of participation, as well as medal in recognition of their accomplishments. Special awards were given to those who excelled in their activities, and to those who showed superior sportsmanship and leadership on the field of games. All agreed that they were already looking forward to next year’s games.