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CSC Asia

The Art of Self-Expression

Center for Social Change is constantly looking for opportunities and avenues for the individuals with disabilities to express their talent and flourish their creativity in ways that contribute toward developing their confidence and self-esteem. Arts &Craft has been started as a part of Support Services with this significant agenda in mind.
Pen-making is a very popular activity where Individuals with dexterity of hands, skilfully turn wooden blocks into artistically attractive ball-point pens and pencils. These ‘works of art’ for the individuals make excellent gift items for loved ones and sale items.

To each, crafting an attractive ball pen that writes, from a block of wood is no ordinary achievement, but it does wonders to their self-esteem when they proudly go about showing the pens they made to their care providing staff and peers.

Then, there are those who find their elements in knitting craft. Scarfs and caps made by them are hot sales items. For themselves, they made shawls to give physical and emotional warmth. But they did not stop there. With single minded perseverance and focused endeavor they made a full size blanket – a testimony to how physical challenges can conquered to achieve great personal emotional satisfaction.

Arts & Craft has come a long way striving to make positive contribution towards attaining CSC‘s Mission of providing Individuals with disabilities, self-image and social identity enabling them to lead a purposeful and valued life. We Change Lives